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Sleepy Cat's Scribbles

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15 December
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About Moi!
I write, read(alot) and love music.
I used to be really into anime but I stopped watching/reading it and I used to write Harry Potter but stopped as well. I've been writing since the 8th grade but I do have my lapses like I haven't written anything in the past 4 years then started again. It's one of my precious hobbies. Right now I'm focusing on Supernatural RPS/RPF and I think I have what it takes to go into any Fandom.I have so many obsessions *grins* I love the CW, all my fandoms are practically from there. If I stop writing in a fandom, that means I'm probably not interested in it anymore. Basically this Journal are for my thoughts, scribblings and writings. It will be really random. I hope you enjoy it. My new layout goes to dockrock06layout code

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